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Stuff About Writing

As pretty much all of you know, I've always fancied writing. I've wanted to make a career of it and well...just I'm too lazy or unmotivated to actually put my fingers to keyboard, so to speak. Well my homosexual boyfriend, JD, made me promise that when he turned twenty five I'd give him a novel. I groaned at him and flapped my wrist at him ( out of some mockery and general resentment ) but I really do need that kind of motivation. So I've told him and Britney, my heterosexual life partner, what needs to be done. At least a chapter a week. Or at least part of a chapter. Starting. This week, as in tomorrow. They are going to be read as I write them, like in high school. I'm also going to post them on Deviant Art. I'm terrified and annoyed by the very idea but I have to start somewhere.

Now I also have a question:

Poll #1397482 Prologues

Are prologues any good?

I love them. They are great set ups.
Cumbersome. They drag down the beggining of a story.
I could go either way, not that important.
They're fine as long as they include something that is relative but wouldn't fit otherwise.
Do what you want! It's yours!
Wish me luck!


I'm writing a paper on Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels. I'm watching a movie on the hippy movement. I'm learning a lot of stuff about culture, counter-culture, pop culture, and of course...drugs. Mainly, LSD. I have never wanted to drop acid so bad in my life before. Actually, I'm fairly certain I never have before. Some point today I realized who my favorite authors were. Brett Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, Hunter S. Thompson, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'm not going to explain the theme connecting the first three. If you can't research it and figure it out or if you don't know it already then you're not my target audience. How ever, F. Scott Fitzgerald fits in (mildly) by being Hunter S. Thompson's favorite author and inspiration. I also realized that an iconic image of myself that I have always wanted to have was that of a cigar/cigarette hanging loosely from my lips with aviators covering half of my face. I realize that most of my favorite characters in comic books, movies, novels, television are the most depraved and twisted anti-heroes imaginable. I realize that words that draw me to a news article are words like chaos, wreckage, suicide, destruction, death, anything really miserable. I realize that I became a history major because I wanted to study chaos and how the world formed around it. I focused on military so that I could learn what it took for humanity to widdle itself down to it's most primal form and then climb the ladder of evolution back up again. I realize Alice in Wonderland became my manuel for living because the idea of falling down a rabbit hole and getting lost in mayhem and colors was also my most honest dream. There is really no excuse as to why I haven't done acid! I mean, I've experimented with drugs. Not nearly enough to get merit badges from drug lords or earn kicks in the cunt from D.A.R.E. brainwashees. I suppose it's just my bad luck that LSD wasn't available to me then, or good luck according to who you are that's reading this. Listen, I'm not goign to take any. Not now. Maybe when I retire from a career, or maybe when finaly I've made a career or writing. I'll take it when it couldn't hurt me. Not now when I need braincells to at least do well in some of my classes. But today, today I'm going to do things a little different. I've already drank half a case of Dr. Pepper and I plan to have some more. You see, tonight I have to finish my paper. And then tomorrow I have to turn it in. Then Friday I have to take an Anthro test. And then Friday night I have filming for that zombie movie that I got into. Then Saturday I have that too. Fine except the filming is from 6pm - 6am. God in Heaven. Time to rape my sleeping patterns. So here it comes, I OD on caffeine, I don't sleep tonight. I trip my way (naturally!) through Hellinistic Greek and Rome, work, turn in my paper, have coffee, have dinner, sign up to write for the school newspaper (for some fucked up reason), go to the College Democrats meeting, and then...crash. Sleep for a few hours, wake up at three (AM that is, I'm always doing hardcore things like that), study (cram), take a test, crash untill filming. With that and fucktons of caffeine I hope to turn myself into an utterly nocturnal ape. Acid would be a lot of help right now. But that's okay, I have Dr. Pepper.

Yesterday was an interesting day.


8:30AM: Subject heads to food court in the University Center to grab a coke, chocolate milk, and chicken biscuit.
8:40AM: After securing said items, subject is approached by fellow classmate who is seemingly always stoned out of his mind.
8:45AM: Stacey approaches, joins party.
8:55AM: Party sprints to class.
9:00AM: Class.
9:50AM: The time class is supposed to let out.
9:52AM: Forementioned stoned classmate declares, "Dude! Class is over! I have a quiz!". To which our professor laughs, apologizes, and we all laugh.
9:58AM: On the way to work, subject walks with a fellow classmate. This classmate has always struck the subject as smokin' hot. ( Subject believes this is due to his deep intelligence, interest in History, and the fact that his nose looks like it has been broken at least three times. ) Hot classmate shares with subject that he believes Dr. Johnson is similar to House from House, M.D. Subject is delighted someone finaly agree with her and this is immediately shocked to know hot classmate has no idea who Anthony Bourdain is.
10:00AM: Work, etc.
1:56PM: After fighting a copier for thirty minutes just to get forty back/front copies subject realizes she has four minutes untill her next class. With that, subject runs like the wind.
1:58PM: Subject recieves phonecall inviting her to participate in an extras audition for a future feature zombie film staring Woody Harrelson. Subject declines.
2:02PM: Subject reaches class and is subjected to going to the front of the classroom and telling the professor to change his roll. Subject is not amused.
2:22PM: Subject texts the words: "I am going to go".
2:35PM: Subject realizes that she really likes the way the classmate in front of her smells.
2:50PM: Class is let out, subject calls Jessie and is told she will be picked up sometime between three and four. Thus subject makes the decision to go to computer lab.
3:39PM: Subject begins to read a webcomic slashing Abe Sapien and that one Nazi assassin guy. Subject is horrified and amused.
3:42PM: Subject is kicked out of computer lab by a Spanish speaking teacher.
3:50PM: Subject is picked and party makes their way to Black Crow media where there is a line to get into the building.
6:16PM: Party finaly makes it into building.
6:45PM: Party is asked to fill out contact information.
7:42PM: Subject is ushered into a room with a casting director, camera man, and a stapler. She is asked to state her full name and then proceed as if she were a jacked up zombie.
7:42:03PM: Subject is told go.
7:42:05PM: Subject realizes she was told go and states her full name including middle name which she doesn't think they wanted.
7:42:07PM: Subject turns into a rabid zombie that has for some reason decided that the stapler is her prey.
7:42:18PM: Subject is given a good job and ushered out of the room because her fifteen seconds are up. Subject stands ready to piss herself because of adrenaline.
7:46PM: Party reconvirges and heads out to Waffle House.

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Movie subject audtioned for: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1156398/
The event: http://www.valdostadailytimes.com/local/local_story_015005248.html


Of Geeks and Things

Classes start back tomorrow. My first class is at 9:00AM. Ewww. It's Pre-World History, an Anthropology class about the world before civilizations. Sounds pretty fun and it's with my favorite Anthro professor. It also have my perspective class, aka extra class for no reason, called Counter Culture Movements. A hundred page book, used, looked like it was printed in the early 90s, for this class cost me over thirty bucks. I was livid. Also, it required a book IDENTICAL to a book I needed last semester only instead of Vietnam: America's Longest War it's called Vietnam: America's Lost War. I was all excited when I saw the cover too. Later in the day I have my second round of German, German II or 1002 at our University. I'm excited though our professor has already sent us homework. Rat bastard. Tuesday I have an eight am class. If it wasn't Hellenistic Greek and Rome I'd kill myself. Later in that day I have German History. I'm kinda thinking about concentration on German Military History and just focus my studies on Imperialistic Germany, the two World Wars and perhaps even the Germanians of days of yore. Who knows? Wednesday is the same as Monday. Thursday is the same as Tuesday except switch out German History for Pop Goes the 60s. This class has the best reading list ever. I have to read ( already have but I guess again ) Valley of the Dolls, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Hell's Angels ( A book by Hunter Mother Fuckin' Thompson. I totally came when I saw that! I thought it was just a sort of text book documentary on the Hell's Angels. I didn't realize it was the book my good man Thompson had written. Anyway~. ), Jim Morrison: The Life and Death of a Legend ( I have a feeling I'm going to be the only person in this class that doesn't really appreciate this. ), and Warhol's Popism. So yeah, bitchin' reading list but I guess you could expect no less from a class that is the history of pop culture in the 60s. On Friday's I just have the lovely 9AM pre World class and then work of course. But as it looks so far this semester is going to be buckets of fun. I hope.

 Now the geek side of this post. At about five today my friend Danielle is going to pick me up to grab dinner and then go back to her house to with her girl friend Jessie, Stacey, and former roommate Alanna. We are going to be playing a table top RP based off the Anima system and combined with Rowling's world of wizarding. Oh yes. A Harry Potter table top RP. I am such a geek. But it looks like it might be some real fun and watching Stacey's look of woe as she held her first set of dice in her palm whilst proclaiming "I swore I'd never own these things." was worth every second of planning thus far.

I suppose there will be more on that later.

Oh and I saw a Japanese trailor of The Watchmen. It focused a lot more on the politics side of the movie. Which is fucking Awesome. Even showed Kennedy's assassination and lots of Nixon. Squuueee~!

Holiday is OVER

So as you all know I was so excited to get a paid account for Christmas but I have been positively unable to use it because my dial up connection at home was just so bad. It's really bummed me out and I'm excited that I'm back in Valdosta now and able to put it to use.

Let me just start with some kick ass shit. Kick ass thing number one: Brewster's Cake Batter Ice Cream. I mean I've known this for a while but today Jd and I went to go pick up Daniel from O'Reilly's and he sent us away for about half a hour so he could do some paper work. So we went to Brewster's and I got what I always get: Cake Batter Ice Cream. Only this time they blended it with butter cream blue icing and sprinkles. I thought I was going to die. We kept coming up with so much random crap that makes something like this so amazing. I said that if unicorn's ejaculated ice cream, it would be this ice cream. He got sort of offended but I stand by it.

The second kick ass thing: Little Big Planet. Jesus Christ. I overloaded in cuteness simply playing through the tutorial.

Not so kick ass: I'm so backlogged on lj. I don't think I have it in me to go back all the weeks I missed and see what kinda fanfiction was spawned. Makes me sad that my daily routine suffered.

Also not kick ass: reading all sorts of fanfiction is a daily routine.

I have some stress but I don't really want to whine about it. Not Emo Journal, etc. Anyway~. I'm back!

Ps! Nip/Tuck tonight at 10:00pm Eastern Time. I'm stoked.

Sunday. Lazy. Etc.

So. I don't have much to talk about. Nothing really going on. Just like my new icon suggests, it's a lazy Sunday. You hear that? New icon. One of my 100 new icons. I have a 100 icons. I have a 100 icons.


Oh good God I'm estatic. They did it under a secret_santa account so I have no idea who it is but I'm extremely grateful. I have two months of a paid account and multiple icon spaces. It warmed my heart. Thank you whoever. Thank you very much.


Finals, goddamnit.

So that you understand. staceyvsu16 and I are writing our final paper for our Anthro class. Anger ensues.

(1:19:44 PM):
FUCK This second review is like the guy is verbally sucking Edelman's dick.
redremmi(1:19:54 PM): Man I want to write that in the paper.
staceyvsu (1:19:55 PM): wow
staceyvsu (1:20:01 PM): you should
redremmi (1:20:10 PM): Listen to this.
redremmi (1:20:22 PM): "A Universe of Consciousness is a true pleasure to read, thanks to a clear and enjoyable writing style and an excellent organization of the ideas."
staceyvsu (1:20:33 PM): suck up
redremmi (1:20:44 PM): No kidding.
redremmi (1:20:57 PM): It's posted on a message board, jeebus.
staceyvsu (1:21:34 PM): yeah, i can't believe he is letting us get away with one posted on a forum
redremmi (1:22:05 PM): I don't know what to write. "Ascoli sucks Edelman's conscious dick. Fin."
staceyvsu(1:22:32 PM): please do, i would love to read what he writes back on your paper
redremmi (1:22:46 PM): And fail? You're a horrible friend.
staceyvsu (1:23:15 PM): i don't think he would fail you, anything on reviews is your opinion, can't fail b/c of that
redremmi (1:23:34 PM): Good point.
redremmi (1:23:43 PM): But it's also Richard. Logic escapes out his ass.
redremmi (1:23:52 PM): Man I'm vulgar today. It's comforting.


Stolen from daisy_chan .

RULEZCollapse )
  • Moonknight by Charlie Huston vol.3 - most recent.
    • I love some Moonknight. *___*
  • Fanfics....
    • Pairings such as Graham/Billy (Gundam 00), Cid/Vincent (Final Fantasy VII), and BigBoss!Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid) don't get enough love!
  • Skittles, Starburst, other brightly colored fruit candies.
  • Books about Alexander the Great.
  • Monopoly: World Edition.
    • BUY THE WORLD kekekekeke
  • A desktop computer capable of Sims and WoW....
  • SPAGHETTI lots of it. With nothing but meat in the sauce.
  • Anything Alice in Wonderland like this: www.zazzle.com/alice_in_wonderland_tee_shirt-235916541223715828 or anything.
    • I MEAN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I really need more stuff in my collection. ;0
  • LJ account.
    • Doesn't matter how long. I'd appreciate whatever I get.
  • A tattoo, lollerskates.
Poll #1311779 XMas Whishlist Thingmagiggy

A link to your list!

My mailing address is:

under this cut.Collapse )


Find the Penis

You read that right.

My lovely friendlunachans has posed a question to her flist and seeing that we only share one or two friends I've decided to pose the same question.

We play a game called "Find the Penis". When we get a chance we'll stare at a dude's crotch and try to determine where his penis is (left, right, tucked back, etc.). Pretty raunchy game but if you know us IRL you can count on it being one of the more tame things we say/do. Count yourself lucky this is the only survey I'm posing.

So do you guys play? And if not, do you think it's weird?

answer plox

Poll #1299997 Find the Penis

Have you ever played "Find the Penis"?

Oh why yes! And it's great! FtP ftw!
Yes I have but it's embarassing.
No but I'm neither interested or offended.
You are a sick fuck.
No but damn I wanna.



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